Commercial Builders Perth for your Commercial Construction Project

For years now Beyond Bricklaying has been providing effective commercial and residential construction services to residents of Perth Australia. From tilt-up to office, to factory, to warehouse all through to real estate property construction, clients can get the best solutions from us. Working with the most reputable contractors in town, we feature as one of the best commercial builders Perth and top up as the best performing residential builder in town. For any property developer or project manager, our company brings strength, experience and growing reputation to ensure the success of any project. Here are reasons why you need to choose Beyond Bricklaying to provide handle a residential or commercial construction project.

Tailoured Construction Solutions

Our company is dedicated to providing clients with a full range of design and construction services, all tailoured to specific requirements and delivered consistently on time and on budget. Whether the clientele is at the concept stage or construction stage, Beyond Bricklaying can handle multi-level commercial and residential projects with greater precision.

A Variety of Construction Specializations Perth

With the ability to effectively design, quantify and project manage building processes, our company has tackled a diverse range of projects, both commercial and residential. And the quality of construction achieved during construction is of very high standard and work is done to client’s satisfaction. Some of the commercial builders Perth specialisations include:

  • Mixed use office & warehouses construction
  • Shopping centre construction
  • Medical centres
  • Storage Building construction
  • Shops design and construction
  • Tilt-up panels for commercial & industrial buildings
  • Factories
  • Brick paving for homes, commercial and residential projects
  • Brick paving for civil projects

Our in-house design team is dedicated to providing economical solutions while working with the client and one of Australia’s leading design engineers to offer a cost-effective and practical outcome. Also, we work with the best paving contractors Perth any client that would want to successfully complete a landscaping project, Beyond Bricklaying can guarantee quality installation at any given time.

Highly Qualified and Experienced Management

Beyond Bricklaying has in place, a large pool of consultants, sub-contractors and a lot of other exceptional people in the company offering specialised construction services. Our company is committed to providing the highest level of occupational health and safety so the construction project will be carried out smoothly with minimal accidents. That’s evident in our outstanding safety records which makes us an ideal choice for those looking for commercial builders Perth.

Quality Construction at Reasonably Lower Cost

With specialty in handling both smaller and larger construction projects in the industry, our aim is to provide high quality outcomes at the lowest rates possible. We assess the size of the project though our surveyors, discuss it with client and agree on a fair Bill of Quantities (BOQ). So whether it’s commercial property development, residential paving project or industrial or civil paving project, Beyond Bricklaying construction provides the ultimate solution that will ensure the project in time and on budget.

Commercial building construction projects by Beyond Bricklaying shown here: